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Ruth Baettig: Production, Communication  -  bio
Giuseppe Di Salvatore: Editing, Administration  -  bio

Regular contributors
Davide Abbatescianni, film scholar and film critic - articles
Dominic Schmid, film critic - articles
Giuseppe Di Salvatore
, philosopher - articles
Emilien Gür, film critic - articles
Jacqueline Beck
, independent journalist - see Forum
Jean Perret, film critic - articles
Jodie McNeilly-Renaudie, researcher and choreographer - articles
Jorge Yglesias, film scholar - articles
Karsten Munt
, film critic - articles
Katja Zellweger, independent journalist - articles
Laura Davis
, poet and film critic - articles
Lukas Stern, film critic - articles
Maria Di Salvatore, italianist and film scholar - articles
Mattia Lento
, film historian and film critic - articles
Nicolas Bézard, film critic and photographer - articles
Pamela Jahn, film critic - articles
Pierre Escot
, writer - articles
PM Cicchetti, film scholar - articles
Ruth Baettig
, artist - articles
Silvia Posavec, independent journalist - articles
Matthias Wittmann, film scholar and writer - articles

They have also written for Filmexplorer
Johanna Aebersold, film critic
Mariama Balde, filmmaker and film critic
Cristian Bota
, linguist and photographer
Till Brockmann, film critic
Philipp Brunner, film critic
Sofie Cato Maas, film critic
Carlo Chatrian, artistic director of Berlinale Festival
Laurine Chiarini, film journalist
Maurizio di Rienzo, film critic and curator
Martina Felber, film journalist
Nicole Gisler, independent journalist
Oswald Iten, film critic
Linda Kersnerova, film critic
Simon Koenig, film scholar
Adrien Kuenzy, filmmaker and film critic
Eva Kuhn, film scholar
Sulgi Lie, film scholar
Nadin Mai, film critic, editor
Emanuele Mariani, philosopher
Ann Mayer, film critic and actress
Chantal Molleur, curator and director of Whiteframe
Wilfred Okiche, film journalist
Anne Pastori
, independent journalist
Domenico Pedroli, film journalist
Daniela Persico, film critic and curator
Timo Posselt
, music and film critic
Dino Pozzi
, independent journalist
Erwin Schaar
, film critic
Julia Schmidt
, independent journalist
Stephan Schoenholtz, film critic
Sabrina Schwob
, film critic
Daniel Siemaszko
, film curator
Christopher Small, film critic
Simon Spiegel, film critic
Bettina Spoerri, writer 
Philipp Stadelmaier
, film critic
Olga Stefan, freelance curator
Hito Steyerl, artist
Valerie Thurner, independent journalist
Senta van de Weetering, film critic
Roxana Vicovanu
, researcher in the Humanities
Stefan Volk
, film critic
Heinrich Weingartner, film critic

Amy Lombardi, actress
Ann Mayer, actress and radio producer
Denise Hasler, actor
Eleni Molos, actress and dubber
Julian Laybourne, actor
Luna Schmid, actress
Matthias Koch, actor
Nils Jensen, actor

Annatina Stalder, editor
Guido Henseler, editor and filmmaker
Jorge Cadena, filmmaker
Lena von Tscharner, editor
Manuela Ruggeri, editor and filmmaker
Mariama Balde, editor and filmmaker
Ruth Baettig, artist

Nina Haueter (prev. Martina Amrein) - Deutsch
Lou Haefliger (prev. Guillaume Muller)
- Français
Emily Sanderson (prev. Stephen Menotti)
- English
Milvia Capitanio e associati
- Italiano

7actions by Glauser
Patricia Glauser

Judith Albert, artist
Reto Aschwanden, manager
Reinder Keizer, architect
Peter Mettler, filmmaker
Francesca Sacco, journalist
Luzia Roos, manager
Luna Schmid, actress
Matthias Wittmann, film scholar

SZ Grafik
Sibill Zellweger

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