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Filmexplorer's Residency Programmes 

Keywords of the Programmes:


Go to the thematic Forum on «More-than-Human Perspective»

A pivoting door is at the heart of Filmexplorer’s studio in Berlin (Wedding). The two revolving fronts express the leading keywords for the multi-partners residency programmes:


INTERDISCIPLINARITY: the current focus is on “film and space”  

NETWORKING: to take advantage of Berlin as international crossroad  

FEEDBACK: discursive, artistic and performative projects will find an occasion of exchange and confrontation


The projects

Cornerstone of each residency programme is the personal project of the resident. The minimum 1-month stay in Berlin is mainly meant as a moment of networking and meeting in order to upgrade and develop the resident’s project.

There is no special restriction about the theme of the project but the current interdisciplinary focus on “Film and Space”.


Filmexplorer provides…

a recently renovated studio in the culturally booming area of Wedding;
a personalised support for networking in art and cinema worlds in Berlin;
a dedicated page on Filmexplorer’s website;
help in organising one meeting event during the stay;
support in the resident’s search for funding.


The Residency Programmes are curated by Giuseppe Di Salvatore and Ruth Baettig.

Current collaborations:




is an international network and architecture research group – founded in 2016 in Berlin – which regularly host events and proposes interventions for a performative understanding of the Anthropocene in the realm of spatial practices.
Responsible person for the collaboration with Fieldstations: Lidia Gasperoni.
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is a four-year collaboration (2022-2025) between six artist-run film labs with a DIY philosophy and a focus on analog film. The project includes artist residencies, workshops, the creation of hybrid film equipment, and expanded events. 
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The studio in Wedding is a 5 meters high 32 square meters space that has been completely renovated by Scarchitekten in 2021 and is located next to Ex-Rota Print complex, and close to dynamic cultural spaces like Silent Green Kulturquartier, Ufer Studios for contemporary dance, Labor Berlin, bi’bak Sinema Transtopia, Organismendemokratie Berlin.

The Projects

JODIE MCNEILLY | Choreocraftivism | July 2022

GEORGIA NOWAK | Water as Politics | September-October 2022 | in collaboration with Fieldstations

ELIN EYBORG | Maker-Marker | August-October 2022 | in collaboration with Fieldstations

MATTHIAS WITTMANN | Octoscopia | January-February 2023

ADINA IONESCU-MUSCEL | Ephemera Happenings | April-May 2023 | in collaboration with S.P.A.C.E. (LaborBerlin)


The thematic FORUM

WHAT DOES MORE-THAN-HUMAN PERSPECTIVE MEAN? | Giuseppe Di Salvatore | kick-off essay