Maynila | Talk at Locarno Piazza Grande

The morning after Lino Brocka's iconic 1975 film, «Manila in the Claws of Light», screened at the 71st Locarno Festival, Richard Bolisay and Becca Voelcker met to discuss the movie, Filipino cinema, and Brocka's life and politics (hear the PODCAST here below).

Audio/Video: Ruth Baettig


Talk | Critics Academy at Locarno Film Festival 2018

Concept & Editing: Ruth Baettig

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Shown in its restored version at the Piazza Grande, possibly its largest audience ever, Manila in the Claws of Light is often considered the greatest Filipino film ever made not only because of its relevance — released during the time of political unrest and dire social conditions — but also due to its impact on many Filipino filmmakers, not the least Locarno’s 2014 Golden Leopard winner Lav Diaz. Richard and Becca provide their views on the film as well as significant context to this work that deserves attention.


Originally from Manila, Richard Bolisay is currently based in the UK where he is completing a Masters in film studies at the University of Sussex. He is also a freelance writer and a member of Locarno Critics Academy. 

Originally from Wales, Becca Voelcker is currently studying a PhD in film theory at Harvard University, USA. She is a freelance film programmer and critic, and a member of Locarno Critics Academy.



Manila in the Claws of Light – Maynila, sa mga Kuko ng Liwanag | Film | Lino Brocka | PHL 1975 | 125’ | Locarno Festival 2018, Piazza Grande

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First published: August 14, 2018