Filipa Ramos | Art Basel 2023

Filmexplorer has met the curator of the Film Programme at Art Basel 2023, Filipa Ramos, and discusses with her about her commitment as art and film curator - Hear the PODCAST!

Audio/Video: Giuseppe Di Salvatore


Filipa Ramos | Art Basel 2023

Interview with Filipa Ramos, curator of the Film Programme at Art Basel 2023, by Giuseppe Di Salvatore | Editing: Morgane Frund

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Curating a film programme in the framework of an art fair is a challenging but also an inspiring task – as Filipa Ramos, curator of the Film Programme at Art Basel 2023 with the collaboration of Marian Masone, told to Filmexplorer.

During the conversation with her, Giuseppe Di Salvatore also raised broader questions, for example the one concerning the distribution of art films, between art spaces, film festivals and streaming platforms such as the pioneering V-Drome, co-founded by Ramos herself. Sharing with Filmexplorer a transversal commitment in art and cinema worlds, Filipa delved into the possible dialogue between them and how artists can take advantage of it.

Among the most popular societal issues that motivate artists and curators today, we discussed at length the topic of the more-than-human perspective, which is one of Filipa’s passionate concerns. We share Filipa’s need for a precise definition and accurate consideration of the implication of such a trendy theme, which is equally at the core of Filmexplorer’s current development of its residencies at the Berlin Hub.


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First published: June 16, 2023