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Oleg Nikolaevich Karavaichuk is not only a pianist and composer, mainly known for his film music. He is also a Don Quixote nostalgic for princesses and tsars, a punk impatiently awaiting the death of classical music, a poet of the uncomfortable and dissonant, a decorum enthusiast, and he is probably Thelonious Monk’s Russian soulmate.
At Bildrausch in Basel we shared a precious moment with the young filmmaker Andrés Duque, who told us how a «chromatic coincidence» allowed him to be in contact with the old artist, and discussed several aspects of his wonderful portrait with us.

Text: Giuseppe Di Salvatore | Audio/Video: Ruth Baettig


Interview with Andrés Duque

Recorded in May, 2016, at the Bildrausch Filmfest Basel.

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Oleg Nikolaevich Karavaichuk is an artist capable of creating his own world, with a unique grammar, its own references, and a specific landscape. This is a world where Catherine the Great, Nicholas II of Russia, and Joseph Stalin mix with the importance of wild trees and natural shirts, or the connection between historical church music and American jazz. A world of music where the piano and its notes are in perfect continuity with the body and physical spaces. Andrés Duque is a filmmaker capable of portraying Oleg Nikolaevich’s world, choosing to focus on his body and his favourite locations: the Hermitage in St. Petersbourg and the houses of artists in Komarovo. Duque’s choice for a few, very long takes is the simple secret to this wonderful portrait, as it creates the right rhythm for us to enter Oleg Nikolaevich’s world.


Oleg y las raras artes | Film | Andrés Duque | SP 2016 | 70’ | Bildrausch Filmfest Basel 2016

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First published: May 29, 2016