Re-inhabiting the Image

Filmexplorer's Video Essay Gallery | Exhibition 5 | 3-30/11/2022 

Chloé Galibert-Laîné presents:
«A Room with a Coconut View» by Tulapop Saenjaoren

Kevin B. Lee presents:
«Irani Bag» by Maryam Tafakory

Johannes Binotto presents:
«3xShapes of Home» by Elisabeth Brun

Podcast discussion on Exhibition 5

A video essay can express a form of embodiment that does not require the image of the body. The last selection of video essays lets emerge sensuality, where the sense of touching seems to prevail and challenge the image layer. Is this a way to re-inhabit the image? Does the haptic feature of film recall the physical dimension of early cinema?  

Is repetition the first gesture of a video essay? Can this mean something different from controlling (the image) and grasping (the meaning)? Should a video essay resist against any easy meaning? Would the task of a video essay be the one of going beyond the pornography of videographic scholarship and showing what is usually off-screen? Is “fragility” the ultimate keyword for the video essayist – and also the teacher of video essays?  

These and other questions punctuate the inspiring podcast discussion between the three curators of third exhibition of Filmexplorer’s Video Essay Gallery: Chloé Galibert-Laîné, Kevin B. Lee and Johannes Binotto.