On the Go

A romp is a romp, but sometimes it takes more than a Chevvy Corvair to enjoy the ride. A buddy road movie with a loosely episodic structure, On the Go presents itself as an homage to Gonzalo García-Pelayo's 1982 cult Corridas de alegría, but somewhere along the way the alegría gives way to something dangerously close to self-indulgence. Mind you, there's plenty to enjoy. Julia de Castro and María Gisèle Royo inject glam, panache and flamenco into a plot that involves seeking suitable sperm donors via Grindr (yep), yet for all its picaresque energy and stylistic flair (think washed-out 16mm cinematography, hard cuts between sequences and kaleidoscopic insert shots), the film eventually flags under the weight of its narcissistic preoccupations.

María Gisèle Royo, Julia de Castro | ES 2023 | 72’ | Locarno Film Festival 2023
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Text: PM Cicchetti

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