The Residency

A pivoting door is at the heart of Filmexplorer’s studio in Berlin (Wedding). The two revolving fronts express the leading keywords for the multi-partners residency programmes:

INTERDISCIPLINARITY: the current focus is on “film and space”

NETWORKING: to take advantage of Berlin as international crossroad  

FEEDBACK: discursive, artistic and performative projects will find an occasion of exchange and confrontation

The projects

Cornerstone of each residency programme is the personal project of the resident. The minimum 1-month stay in Berlin is mainly meant as a moment of networking and meeting in order to upgrade and develop the resident’s project.

The development of the several residencies ideally follows a self-generative pattern. Therefore, there is no special restriction about the theme of the project but the current interdisciplinary focus on “Film and Space” and the on-going thematic threads, like the ideas of "More-than-Human" and "Cinema Expanded".

Filmexplorer provides…

a recently renovated studio in the culturally booming area of Wedding;
a personalised support for networking in art and cinema worlds in Berlin;
a dedicated page on Filmexplorer’s website;
help in organising one meeting event during the stay;
support in the resident’s search for funding.

The Residency Programmes are curated by Giuseppe Di Salvatore and Ruth Baettig.

Current collaborations:




is an international network and architecture research group – founded in 2016 in Berlin – which regularly host events and proposes interventions for a performative understanding of the Anthropocene in the realm of spatial practices.
Responsible person for the collaboration with Fieldstations: Lidia Gasperoni.
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is a four-year collaboration (2022-2025) between six artist-run film labs with a DIY philosophy and a focus on analog film. The project includes artist residencies, workshops, the creation of hybrid film equipment, and expanded events. 
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The studio in Wedding is a 5 meters high 32 square meters space that has been completely renovated by Scarchitekten in 2021 and is located next to Ex-Rota Print complex, and close to dynamic cultural spaces like Silent Green Kulturquartier, Ufer Studios for contemporary dance, Labor Berlin, bi’bak Sinema Transtopia, Organismendemokratie Berlin.