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Discussion with Tania Stöcklin


The parallelism between editors and doctors is well known. If Tania Stöcklin was a physician, she would be considered an expert General Practitioner who is specialised in something (editing), and not a specialist who understands only one aspect of the whole body. In the discussion with her she stresses the importance of a holistic and possibly interdisciplinary approach to editing.

Her enjoyment of experiments is also a decisive ingredient of her practice and works as an artistic motor, also for her own’s film productions. This propensity notwithstanding, she acknowledges the importance of defining clear roles and responsibilities (authorship) between editor and director.




Some specific aspects of the discussion:

The role of the textual layer in editing: 3’58’’
Image and text should not tell the same story: 4’50’’
Gábor Bódy as great inspiration: 7’53’’
From the enjoyment of experiments to the needs of documentary films: 11’05’’
The editor should not be excluded from the work on the sound: 13’33’’
The secret of team work is to remember than 1+1=3: 14’30’’
Dramaturgy is the most delicate aspect of editing, mostly for documentary films: 19’19’’
The ultimate responsibility should be taken by the director: 21’10’’
About Peter Liechti and his film Vaters Garten: 23’09’’
The meaning of digital turn: from “thinking before doing” to “doing before thinking”: 25’30’’
The challenge of learning to edit: 27’13’’


Sound excerpts: Narcissus and Psyche, by Gábor Bódy (1980); Georgette Meunier, by Tania Stöcklin (1989); Vaters Garten, by Peter Liechti (2013)

Inspiration sources for Tania Stöcklin


Statements by Gábor Bódy and Friederike Anders about Gábor Bódy's "Zeittransgraphie" (Archiv Deutsche Kinemathek)

Doomed Love, by Andrew Horn (1983) - Trailer

Trust, by Hal Hartley (1990) - Trailer

Gigi, Monica & Bianca, by Yasmina Abdellaoui & Benoît Dervaux (1996) - Trailer

Friederike Petzold (Photo)

Tania's Bio and Infos

Tania's profile at the HSLU and her Zürcher Filmpreis

About her film Joe et Marie: interview at the SRF (1995)

About her film Georgette Mounier: interview at the LUFF (2009)

Tania's text about Peter Liechti ("Rencontre" at the Solothurner Filmtage 2014)


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