The Hybridization of Art and Cinema: Between the Black Box and the White Cube

Film festivals are largely frequented by filmmakers who come from the art world; the cinema and its classical disposition are becoming more present in museums and exhibition spaces. Also, thanks to the changes that have been introduced by the digital revolution, the distinction between the formats of the “black box” (the cinema theatre) and the “white cube” (the art gallery) must be reconsidered.

In this thematic area, we will focus on the material conditions for the reception of moving images, particularly looking at the hybrid forms that cross between the domains of art and cinema.

This thematic area is curated by Giuseppe Di Salvatore, who holds a PhD in philosophy and is the co-founder, with Ruth Baettig, of the online platform Filmexplorer. For Filmexplorer, he has already written or curated several articles concerning this topic, which constitutes one of the platform’s main interests.