The Cinematic Power of the Individual | Kevin B. Lee

«How can we break the spell of online self-hypnosis?»

The Cinematic Power of the Individual

Kevin B. Lee started publishing his own videographic reflections about film and the film industry on the Internet 10 years ago as a film buff and has since developed into one of the most prolific and well-known representatives of the genre. Today, he maintains a critical view of the media and culture, and the way in which images are being used and received. With his professorship in Crossmedia Publishing in Stuttgart (Merz Akademie) he is studying responsible means of dealing with digital media.

Video-Interview with Kevin B. Lee

(by Jacqueline Beck - Stuttgart, 10/2017)

See the mentioned video-essay «Transformers: The Premake»

Kevin B. Lee is an internationally renowned video essayist and is considered a pioneer of the desktop documentary format. He has published around 360 videos and initiated what was the earlier magazine section Keyframe for the film portal Fandor. His article Transformers – The Premake on the interplay between the interests of the film industry, the US military and fans has been screened at multiple international film festivals. In early 2017, Lee completed a residency at the Harun Farocki Institute in Berlin. Since autumn 2017, he holds a newly created professorship for cross-media publishing at the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart.

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