Behind the Screen: The Professions of the Interactive Documentary

Behind the Screen: the Professions of the Interactive Documentary

What kinds of professions are connected with an interactive documentary project? Interactive storytelling is an emerging field and, for this reason, it is quite challenging to define professional figures, to frame their roles and to comprehend institutional mechanism. In order to understand what happens behind the scenes of an interactive project, we spoke with three established professionals during the IDW - Interactive Documentary Workshop: Lili Blumers, commissioning editor in ARTE France’s web department and responsible for interactive programmes (fiction, documentaries and games); Federico Dini, a Berlin-based producer and art director, founder of Honig Studio, a company devoted to interactive, participatory and transmedia storytelling; and Jiannis Sotiropoulos, co-founder of Honig Studio, producer and technical director. In the interviews, taken at different times but grouped into a single train of thought, the professionals define their roles, explain the differences between a linear and interactive project in relation to the audience. Political and technical issues of the interactive documentary, its relationship with videogames and journalism, and the financial projects connected with this kind of work are at the centre of the second part of the interview.

The Makers: Lili Blumers, Federico Dini, Jiannis Sotiropoulos


Professional Roles: 00'00'’
Linear and Interactive Documentary: 02'33''
Narratives and Interaction: 03'27''
Users, Interactors, Audiences: 04'02''
Authorship: 04'57''
Docu-game and Politics: 05'42''
Interactive Documentary and Democracy: 06'29''
Interactive Documentary at ARTE: 07'07''
Broadcasters and Videogames: 07'51''
Interactive Documentary and the Future: 08'17''
Interactive Documentary as a Mainstream Product: 08'46''
Obsolescence: 09'35''
Funding: 10'36''
Canada and the Interactive Documentary: 11'37''
Documentary Projects: 13'02''