Online streaming at the Solothurner Filmtage 2021

Vlady Oszkiel’s film is a convincing start for this new section of the Solothurner Filmtage, Opera prima. An old setting – the deconstruction of superficial friendship in the huis clos of a vacation villa – but with fresh ideas – the insertion of expressive scenes within a theatrical Kammerspiel – makes of Lieblingsmenschen an enjoyable diversion. A subtle analysis of relationships that plays with gender clichés, thanks to the fine performance of the young actors, Oszkiel obtains an intelligent balance between drama und irony. 

First published: January 21, 2021

Lieblingsmenschen | Film | Vlady Oszkiel | CH 2020 | 65’ | Solothurner Filmtage | Opera prima | World premiere 

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