La edad media

Filmexplorer met Luciana Acuña, Alejo and Cleo Moguillansky at the Bildrausch Filmfest Basel, and discussed with them their film «La edad media» and the particular experience of doing it (interview by Giuseppe Di Salvatore and Ruth Baettig; production by Nicolas Bézard and Olivier Legras).

This is an astonishing film that overtly revives the overacting codes of slapstick comedy. Humorous gags go together with a desperate tonality: for Alejo, Luciana and the little Cleo actually live an endless quarantine, and their volcanic energy and richness of filmic ideas (and filmic references – above all, the one to Georges Meliès Le voyage dans la lune, 1902) are both a gesture of resistance and a cry for help. The fictional storyline makes us sink into Cleo’s perspective, a perfect occasion to perform a joyful escapism that speaks loudly of the hard conditions of real life. By the way, explicit auto-fictional dispositives are the best way to convey a documentary gaze… However, the assemblage of scenes around Cleo’s scheme – itself an ironic reflection on the translation of affective and monetary values – is definitely more than a series of sketches, insofar as we feel that La edad media revolves around a quite serious core: the dilemma between resistance and change in difficult times. What should be post-pandemic cinema? A defence of old values and skills or adventuring into new territories?


La edad media | Film | Alejo Moguillansky, Luciana Acuña | ARG 2022 | 90’ | Bildrausch Filmfest Basel 2022, Filmar en América latina Genève 2022

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First published: June 30, 2022