Daniel Hoesl | WiNWiN

A pleasure for the eye, a puzzle for the mind: «WiNWiN» is an urgent movie, during these days of the Davos Conference, precisely now, and in an era when the tycoons resemble pirates more and more.

Filmexplorer was able to meet the director Daniel Hoesl, who came to Kino Xenix, in Zurich, for the Swiss premiere of his last movie.

Text: Giuseppe Di Salvatore | Audio/Video: Ruth Baettig

One could go see this movie just for the pleasure of viewing the wonderful clothes of the five main characters. In fact, the idea of défilé – fashion show, or simply show – works clearly beyond the boundaries of fashionable clothes. WiNWiN’s minimalist and luxurious aesthetic is at the service of a number of fictitious statements that never create a proper dialogue. It portrays the world of the super rich, tycoons and investors, for whom the value of money evaporates. Daniel Hoesl lucidly portrays the specific logic of the power of contemporary financial companies. The reality of blackmailing and the language of corporate responsibility melt together in a game in which the only benchmark is the indeterminate ground of beliefs. Under the surface of hyper-aestheticism, the virtues and vices of immateriality dominate: values and credit are mixed up with hypocrisy and corruption.

WiNWiN is not only extremely coherent in its aesthetic, but it is also accurate in the details of situations and dialogues. This accuracy combines with a satirical style that provides the audience with absurd scenes and caricatures. Our smile, however, is constantly chilled by the acknowledgment that such absurdity is only ostensibly fictional, and it is actually nothing but reality itself. The satirical pamphlet becomes an almost documentary-like study of the delinquent mechanisms that govern our economy and our politics. It is interesting that only the intervention of a mere hoodlum seems to be able to block the spiral of fake credibility that is generated by the three big investors…


WiNWiN | Film | Daniel Hoesl | AT 2016 | 84’ | Kino Xenix Zürich

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First published: January 20, 2017