Filmexplorer is a non-profit association, founded in Basel (Switzerland) in January 2016.

Ruth Baettig
: Production, Communication

Giuseppe Di Salvatore: Editing, Administration

Jacqueline Beck, independent journalist
Cristian Bota, linguist and photographer
Till Brockmann, film critic
Philipp Brunner, film critic
Carlo Chatrian, artistic director of Festival del film Locarno +
Maurizio di Rienzo, film critic and curator
Maria Di Salvatore, italianist, theatre and film scholar
Martina Felber, film journalist
Oswald Iten, film critic
Simon Koenig, eikones, University of Basel
Adrien Kuenzy, filmmaker and film critic
Mattia Lento, film historian and film critic
Emanuele Mariani, philosopher
Jodie McNeilly-Renaudie, researcher (philosophy & performance), choreographer
Chantal Molleur, curator and director of Whiteframe +
Anne Pastori, independent journalist
Daniela Persico, film critic and curator of L’immagine e la parola +
Erwin Schaar
, film critic
Dominic Schmid
, film critic
Stephan Schoenholtz
, film critic
Daniel Siemaszko
, film curator and responsible for Cinéma Spoutnik Genève
Bettina Spoerri, writer and co-editor of CINEMA +
Philipp Stadelmaier
, film critic
Olga Stefan, freelance curator, Itinerant Projects +
Lukas Stern
, film critic
Valerie Thurner, independent journalist
Senta van de Weetering, film critic
Roxana Vicovanu
, researcher in the Humanities
Stefan Volk
, film critic

Maren Ade, film director
Yuri Ancarani
, artist and film director
Claire Atherton
, film editor
Gabriel Bonnefoy
, film director
Júlio Bressane
, film director
Massimo D'Anolfi
, film director, artist
Aja Domenig
, film director
Melissa Dullius, film director and artist
André Duque, film director
Anna Eborn, film director
Sascha Engel, film director, dancer and coreographer
Omer Fast, artist, film director
Ellen Fellmann, artist, composer, curator
Jan Gassmann, film director
Beatrice Gibson, artist and film director
Luc Gut, film director, video artist, performer
Sherwan Haji, actor
Marja Helander, film director and photographer
Daniel Hoesl, film director
Nikola Ilić, film director
Gustavo Jahn, film director and artist
Thierry Jobin, artistic director of Festival International de Films de Fribourg
Michael Koch, film director
Lech Kowalski, film director, producer, activist
Sakari Kuosmanen, musician and actor
Salomé Lamas, film director
Klaus Lemke, film director
Babette Mangolte, photographer, cameraperson, film director
Pietro Marcello, film director
Alejandra Márquez Abella, film director
Jan P. Matuszynski, film director
Lorenzo Mattotti, graphic novelist and illustrator
Jonas Mekas, "filmer"
Aernout Mik, artist
Cristian Mungiu, film director
Elene Naveriani, film director
Tobias Nölle, film director
Rithy Panh, film director
Martina Parenti, film director, artist
Marianne Pletscher, film director
Maurizio di Rienzo, film critic and curator
Ariel Rotter, film director
Klaus Rózsa, photographer, activist
Augusto César Sandino, film director
Anka Sasnal, writer and film director
Wilhelm Sasnal, painter and film director
Max Philipp Schmid, artist
Antonin Schopfer, actor and film director
Dennis Schwabenland, actor and film director
Ulrich Seidl, film director
Albert Serra, film director
Nicolas Steiner, film director
Audrius Stonys, film director
Kidlat Tahimik, film director
Jesse Wakeman, film director, producer and actor
Tobias Weber, film director
Apichatpong Weerasethakul, film director
Ruxandra Zenide, film director

Martina Amrein - Deutsch
Guillaume Muller
- Français
Stephen Menotti
- English
Milvia Capitanio e associati
- Italiano

7actions by Glauser
Patricia Glauser

SZ Grafik
Sibill Zellweger